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Jacksonville Yoga for Relaxation will help you develop a mind-body bond by integrating stretching and balancing postures with deep breathing and relaxation. Yoga can be beneficial to people of all religions and belief systems.

Some of the benefits of yoga for the elderly:

Improved balance - Some yoga poses for seniors concentrate on abdominal muscle strengthening and core stability. This will help you become more stable on your feet and lower the chances of falling.

Flexibility - Yoga movements can be an excellent stretching exercise for seniors. Holding a posture for several breaths allows the muscles and connective tissues to relax and loosen up, allowing you to move more freely.

Improved breathing - Yoga's breathing-control practices will increase lung capacity and enhance pulmonary health.

Stronger bones - Try yoga if you're concerned about fragile bones and osteoporosis. A consistent yoga routine involving weight-bearing postures will help older women and men maintain bone strength.

Types of Relaxation Yoga in Jacksonville

Relaxation Yoga in Jacksonville will benefit you if you want to get more robust and flexible or just want to decompress and relax your mind.

Here are eight types of yoga:

  • Hatha - Although not a particular style, Hatha is a broad concept that includes all yoga types that focus on physical postures. However, most hatha yoga classes feature a slow-paced sequence of sitting, standing poses and use this for relaxation therapy.
  • Iyengar - Iyengar yoga is meticulous and precise, focusing on proper form. Props such as bolsters, braces, blocks, and incline boards are encouraged to help practitioners achieve proper alignment. Since the props allow for so many combinations, this is an excellent yoga style for seniors who have arthritis or other chronic conditions.
  • Restorative - Restorative yoga is a gentle, meditative style of yoga intended to relieve tension passively, without stretching. Props are used to stabilize the body entirely, and positions are kept for extended periods of time, often up to 10 minutes. Restorative yoga is the perfect form of yoga for seniors who want to maintain relaxation and contentment. It's not unusual for students to doze off in class.
  • Yin - Similar to restorative yoga, yin yoga is gradual and focuses on maintaining poses for an extended period of time. The distinction between yin and restorative yoga is that restorative does not require active stretching, whereas yin focuses on stretching your deep connective tissues. Daily yin yoga practice can help alleviate stiffness and increase flexibility.
  • Vinyasa - This is a hanging word for yoga styles that includes matching breathing with a sequence of constant, fluid movements. Pacing varies, but routines are often fluid and fast. Vinyasa focuses as much on the changes between postures as it does on the poses themselves. Some people equate it to dancing. Vinyasa yoga is difficult because it is physically demanding, but seniors who are reasonably fit can enjoy the challenge.
  • Ashtanga - A fast-paced and physically demanding style of yoga, ashtanga consists of a predetermined series of poses that are executed in the same manner every time. Ashtanga yoga is an intense, acrobatic exercise that increases the heart rate and circulation, which is why some people believe it is the best form of yoga for weight loss.
  • Bikram - Bikram yoga takes place in rooms normally heated to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and has a humidity level of 40%. That means you'll be sweating buckets as you go through the series of 26 poses and two breathing techniques for 90 minutes. The aim is to strengthen muscles while also flushing toxins from the body. Overheating, on the other hand, is a real danger. Bikram is not for you if you have low blood pressure, high blood pressure, or heart disease.
  • Kundalini - Also known as the "yoga of consciousness,” kundalini can be appealing to seniors involved in yoga’s spiritual and physical aspects. Physical poses, deep breathing, meditation, and chanting are all part of it.


Since yoga isn't just a physical exercise, it's possible to adapt it to your specific needs. This is a big reason why yoga has grown in popularity among seniors. Many teachers have established senior-specific methods. Joining Relaxation Yoga in Jacksonville is the best decision you can make, so please contact us now.