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Home health care Jacksonville FL specializes in non-medical care services. Nonetheless, if deemed necessary, we will also work with home health care providers, which can offer medical services such as nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, wound care, and pain relief to homecare clients as needed.

Home health aide Jacksonville also provides technology solutions—electronic devices that ensure seniors’ protection and security between caregiver visits—complement and supplement services offered by family caregivers and skilled caregivers. Specifically, we employ an emergency response unit, which allows seniors to summon assistance with the push of a button if they become ill or have an in-home accident; a medication management system, which reminds them to take medications as prescribed to maintain optimal health; fall detectors; and monitors that can alert caregivers to a senior with Alzheimer's or other dementia wandering.

At-Home Assistance for Seniors

For seniors who live alone, there are a variety of resources available. The following is a list of everyday activities that home care assistance Jacksonville can assist with. This is an excellent choice for seniors who need assistance in a variety of areas.

  • Housekeeping

    Light housekeeping services may be provided by home health care Jacksonville FL to ensure seniors living in a tidy, secure, and organized atmosphere.

  • Errands, assistance with shopping, and transportation

    Many companies have added convenience features like delivery service and curbside pick-up in recent years. Of course, a wide variety of products can be purchased online. Many local grocery stores, drug stores, dry cleaners, and other retail outlets also offer same-day delivery or express pick-up. In some instances, these programs will make shopping easier and even eliminate the need to leave the house. This is ideal for senior citizens who get tired quickly, have restricted mobility, or cannot drive.

  • Preparing Meals

    When a senior does not eat well, it can harm their wellbeing. These meals are typically given on a sliding scale basis, depending on a senior's financial condition.

    Home health aide Jacksonville can prepare, shop for, and cook meals from scratch are available in our agency. For seniors who live alone, the social element of sharing meals is particularly beneficial. And if an aide doesn't come around too much, they can make significant quantities of homemade meals and freeze them later.

  • Managing the finances

    Managing one's finances can be frustrating and perplexing for someone of any age. Budgeting and paying bills can become a nuisance or even a significant obstacle as a loved one grows older. Debt, wasteful spending, and late or unpaid bills may have serious repercussions, so make sure an elderly loved one is comfortable with and capable of handling their finances.

  • Medication Administration

    Seniors also have chronic medical problems that require drug control. It's essential to seek treatment if a loved one's routine becomes too complex or starts making prescription errors.

  • Mobility

    For adults, moving around with reduced mobility can be challenging, if not risky. Home care assistance Jacksonville can provide further oversight and assistance with mobility and transitions, lowering the risk of falls and other household mishaps. When seniors realize they're being watched and support is close by, they become more involved and less nervous.

  • Personal Hygiene Services

    Unfortunately, when a senior's physical and mental wellbeing deteriorates, their hygiene suffers as well. Bathing, brushing one's teeth, putting on clean clothing, and shaving become tiresome and slips further down the priority list.

    At home health care Jacksonville FL, we offer health services to assist your loved one with his hygiene.


As you plan the next steps for your new journey, passion, interest, or goal, home health care Jacksonville FL services have the potential to become an essential and integral part of your life. Make the right choice, and call us today!